Civilisation Of the Rough

Secret Underground Disco Rave If you Don't Know. Get To Know.

Secret Underground Disco Rave
Balearic | Disco | House


1btn. 1st sat of the month. 1-5pm


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Civilisation Of the Rough (COR); the intimate underground disco rave for those in the know. Throwing one-off events in basements, lofts, castles and fields, usually with a booming Funktion1 sound system and packed crowd of clued up party people. 

House, disco & Balearic Soundtrack supplied by COR residents: Leon Windsor, Mark Persaud, Mick Hood, Rosko Prior and Steve Laming, as well our lovely guests; Bill Brewster, Greg Wilson, Graeme Park, Terry Farley, Justin Robertson, Ashley Beedle, Alfredo, Nancy Noise, X-Press2, Luke Unabomer, Dave Jarvis and Leo Zero to name but a few. Safety in numbers; Join the Civilisation Of the Rough:


2024 bookings available

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